Where to Stay in Hong Kong: Cosmic Guest House

For a small country with a population of 7 million, space is an issue in Hong Kong. I’ve read reviews after reviews saying that the hostel rooms in Hong Kong are really just tight enough to fit in a bed and if you’re lucky enough, you and your roommates can stand at the same time in the small space. That’s most likely the scenarios for travelers unless they want to cash out the big bucks to spend a night in a hotel room.

Informed with that issue, we booked a 2 double bed room at Cosmic Guest House for our entire stay with little expectations. We paid around HKD390 (PHP2535) each for a three nights stay at the place.

Fast replies from Anita. Received this within minutes when our flight was delayed.

Prior to our travel date, we checked out their website and saw that they were offering discounted tickets for the top attractions in Hong Kong. Shooting them a quick email, a girl named ‘Anita’ quickly responded back to our inquiries. When our flight was delayed for two hours and we informed them, they easily responded that it was okay. Some hostels will cancel your booking if you don’t arrive at the time you said you will.

How to get to Cosmic Guest House

Bus A21 is a minute away from the airport.

Cosmic Guest House is located at 12/F Mirador Mansion, 56-64 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. To get there, you have to ride the A21 bus from the airport and get down on the 13th stop. Fare is worth HKD33 (PHP220) and travel time is around 1 hour. Once you went off the bus, you have to walk towards the direction of where the bus is going for around 5-10 minutes. On your left, you will see Mirador Mansion, get inside and take the elevator straight up to the 12th floor. You should see the reception easily. Don’t bother talking to other people on the ground floor as they might lead you to a different hostel.

Cosmic Guest House Hong Kong; Richel Goes Places (7)
This is where you need to enter. Turn left then right for the elevators!

Pro tip: one of the money exchange stalls at Mirador Mansion offers the best rate we saw when exchanging money. I forgot the name but its design is similar to Western Union – read: bright yellow design.

The reception, staff, and discounted tickets

Cosmic Guest House’s reception area. It’s a bit of a tight fit.

Reception area is pretty tight but there’s always someone manning it. I forgot to get the names of the staff, but all of them are really nice (and good with English!) You have to pay the full amount before they escort you to your room. Here, you can also purchase discounted tickets to The Peak, Disneyland, Ocean Park, and Ngong Ping. All of which we purchased and have been proven to be legit. Just be sure to get the tickets early or they may run out. If unsure of directions, the staff can give you directions and even trace it out on a map for you. They also give out business cards that contains a map to reach the hotel and contact number if we somehow lost our way back.

The Room

Got the photo from their website but this is exactly what our room looks like.

The room was bigger than I expected. Two double beds, as was endorsed and we can share the beds with extra space in between us. The room was clean and the sheets were as white as they can be. We got a view Hong Kong streets in one window and Holiday Inn was just in front of the other one. Bathroom’s small, as expected. Strictly only one at the time but the amenities are great. Hot water may run out if you shower past 8-9 AM.

They clean your room once you’re out and about. Our room was a real mess – imagine our suitcase is just lying open in the free space, but they did clean up our beds and even folded the clothes on it. A+ for effort

Sorry for the lack of pictures of the actual room. We were hurrying when we first arrived so we just dump our bags in and left, creating the messy look of the room and I didn’t want to take a photo of it. Our baggage was literally left open in the space between our beds. If you want to see more actual photos of the hostel rooms.


View from our room. Holiday Inn is the one on the most right part of the photo.

One minute away from the nearest MTR entrance, money exchange shops, a 7-Eleven branch, and a drug store. Five minutes away from McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut. Only about an hour away from Disney and Ocean Park. Great location in the center of the city. It’s near everywhere. And frankly, Hong Kong’s entire transportation system is amazing so you’ll probably get anywhere you want but the location of this hostel is a great starting point.


This will greet you once you get off the elevator. Irish not included. lol.

Over-all, I’d give this guest house a 5 out of 5. Worth the price and more. No bad experience whatsoever. If my family and I’s plan to visit Hong Kong next year pushes through, then this will surely be the place we’re staying at.

What hostels have you stayed in before?