The Beatles’ Sir Paul McCartney Guitar Collection


Celebrated as one of the most successful musicians of all time, Sir James Paul McCartney is much more than just one of The Beatles. In fact, he is an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist, a master songwriter and overall, a cultural phenomenon. From his time as a mop-topped heartthrob in the iconic English rock band to his association with Wings and beyond, McCartney has maintained his status as a music legend over the course of nearly six decades, consistently garnering critical and commercial success throughout his career. Despite turning 76 this June, he continues to tour and record new music. Most recently, he released two songs, I Dont Know, and Come On to Me, from his upcoming album, Egypt Station, which is scheduled to be released on September 7. To promote the album, he will be performing shows in Canada as a part of his 2018 tour, Freshen Up from September 17 to September 30 and his previously announced appearance at Austin City Limits in Texas in October, suggests that he will be making North American appearances this fall.

Many Beatles fans arent aware that the bassist from the legendary band played more than just his Hofner Bass, since that was the primary instrument seen in music videos and live performances. McCartney has used other guitars and keyboards, which helped him earn the title of multi-instrumentalist. In fact, he is known for being a hoarder of the instrument. Today, eCelebrityFacts has chosen to make a list of 10 best guitars from his vast collection. But, before getting on to the list, dedicate a moment to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon to be a part of our family. Framus 5/1 Parlor Guitar It has been reported that McCartney got this guitar from his father, which he used for songwriting in the early 60s. 2.

1964 Fender Esquire Sunburst It is believed that McCartney bought this single-pickup Telecaster model during the Revolver era and was often seen playing it while touring with Wings in the 70s. You can hear him playing this guitar on songs such as Helter Skelter and Good Morning, Good Morning. 3. 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard Left-Handed Solid A longtime enthusiast of Les Pauls design, McCartney owns several models of the guitar, including one of two left-handed 1960 Les Paul Standards ever made.

McCartney calls the guitar a great antique and a classic. 4. Ovation 12 String 1658 Custom Legend McCartney played this guitar while performing Bluebird in a live show in Seattle with Wings during the mid-70s. It was also played by other legends, including Freddie Mercury and Brian May.

5. Gibson J-185 12 String He played this guitar during his concert tour, Out There, which lasted from May 4, 2013 to October 22, 2015. 6. Gibson J-180 Everly Brothers Signature McCartney played Everly Brothers J-180 during a live performance of the Beatles hit, Yesterday, in his 1993 tour and its apparently one of his favorite guitars. 7.

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Electric Guitar As stated earlier, McCartney is a great fan of Les Pauls designs. So, a rare left-handed 1957 Les Paul Goldtop, which is considered by many as the holy grail of electric guitars, is also amongst his collection. 8. Framus Zenith Model 17 In the summer of 1956, Paul sold his trumpet for this guitar and had a hard time playing it after bringing it home. Eventually, he realized that he needed to play it upside down after watching lefty Slim Whitman playing it. 9.

Epiphone Texan FT-79 Acoustic The Epiphone acoustic guitar was used by McCartney on the album, Help, specifically for Yesterday. He also used the guitar in his live performances of the song and still owns it. 10. 1962 Epiphone Casino ES-230TD McCartney got this righty Casino which he modified to be able to string it as a left-handed one.

Considered as one of his favorite guitars ever, he used it on hit songs like Paperback Writer, Taxman and Drive My Car. He still plays this guitar. Which of the above mentioned guitars is your favorite?

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