More Blackjack Myths

The number two black check myth is that on skill players will cause other players at the table to lose. Most players mistakenly believe that if one of their fellow fellow players miss places hand that it’s going to disrupt the flow other cards, its gon na screw up. What’S going to happen to the dealer’s hand, and its gon na adversely affect all the players outcomes and it’s true: if a player this place is hand, it could affect the outcome of that round, but for every time that this misplayed hand causes players to lose there Will be an equal number of times when that misplayed hand is gon na cost players to win?

Unfortunately, players I have this concept up selective memory, the only remember the times that they lose because somebody screwed up but they’re all remember the times when somebody does something bad at a table or misplaced his hand and they win.

I me was the last time you saw a player congratulate another player when he misplayed his hand, because everybody one it just doesn’t happen and, let’s think about it, suppose that was true, that bad players can really affect the outcome of the of the round. So what say you own a casino and you got a hundred blackjack table. You want to make a lot of money, so you decide to hire a hundred people and you’re gon na pay, my salary to do only one thing: that’s the city at the blackjack tables and to display their hands because the more the display and the more money You’Re gon na make.

Well, obviously, that’s ludicrous because if that was the case, every casino in Vegas sixty years ago would have been doing this and they don’t for number one biggest blackjack bit is when a player takes even money when you’re dealt the black track and the dealer has an Ace the deal is going to ask you.

If you want even money and most casino bosses will tell a player that the even money back is a bat I on the blackjack table that you cannot lose everybody saying is correct, but he only tells you have for the story and I’m going to tell you The rest of the story, it’s true when you take a vid money, the deal is going to give you on one times payoff for the bet that you make other hand. So if you bet ten dollars, you’re gon na win ten dollars. However, the value of that even money back, but you text talk, is one times your back.

Keep that in mind now want I’m sure, bet, let’s look at what the value of the black jacket and is, if you refuse the even money back and there’s two scenarios that could happen. One is good and one is bad.

The first scenario, which is the good one, are cursed 69 percent of the time, and that is when the dealer does not have the time.

In the whole, therefore, she doesn’t have a black track and if she doesn’t have a black track, you’re sitting there with the black track you’re going to get paid one-and-a-half times. Your back for ten dollar bet, for example, would get paid at fifteen dollars. The second scenario, which fortunately only occurs 31 percent of the time, is when the dealer has the black track. If the dealer has a black track in your setting, where the black track, where your autoLoc now and that’s a Porsche or try, you don’t win anything.

So we have to average those two scenarios: the one where you get paid one-and-a-half times your bat fifty-nine percent of the time versus the 31 percent.

You get nothing and when we do the arithmetic in your average those two outcomes, what your eyebrow as an average bear 1.00 four times the amount, the trip back, that’s the value of that black tracking and if you refuse the even-money. So take a look at the two possibilities you take even money and your value is 1 times your back. You refuse the even-money proposition and the value is one point over four times your path.

So, what’s a better to do. Well, it’s much better to take the four percent more money by refusing the even-money proposition and not look at it.

From the casinos perspective.

They know the value of a blackjack is 1.04 times. The back for the dealer has an ace, so they would gladly pay their players even money rather than the 1.04, and for them it amounts to a big savings. When you consider all the players over 24 hour period, was going to get the even-money proposition for the next time you play blackjack and the dealer offers you the even-money proposition.