Lost in Hong Kong: Day 3 –Ngong Ping 360, Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery

Last day in Hong Kong! Time flies when you’re having fun (and away from any responsibilities like work). I have to admit that I don’t want to leave the place. I ended up loving Hong Kong’s quirks and was already looking forward to my next visit.

We only had one destination for the day (Lantau Island) so it was pretty chill but we were packed and ready to go by 7 AM. The staff at the hostel advised us to just leave our baggage at our lockers near our destination since it’s only minutes away from the airport rather than circling back to the hostel just to pick it up. Really good advice! We might have missed our flight if we circled back to the hostel.

Crystal Cabin Cable Car

There are two ways to reach Lantau Island. You could either take the bus or the cable car route. We opted for the later. There are also two types of cable car rides: the standard and crystal cabin one. Just for the sake of something different, we decided to choose the crystal cabin one. Perks are: 1. way shorter lines, 2. less time to waste, and 3. good views from the glass flooring. Whatever type you choose, you get 25 minutes of the ride to relax and enjoy Hong Kong from above.

We didn’t anticipate the weather, though. Before riding the cable car, we saw signs about a weather warning. We just didn’t realize just foggy it was. We kept joking that we were actually on the way to heaven since everything is just so white. It was literally pitch white for a good ten minutes of the ride.

Ngong Ping 360 (Cable Car) is open from 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM on weekends.

Lantau Island/ Ngong Ping Village

Stepping foot at Lantau Island, it looks like we were on a post-apocalyptic movie set as there is fog everywhere! You can’t see ten meters ahead of you! You can also see your self breathing – which we shamelessly admit being amazed too. Hee hee.

Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery is a Buddhist monastery and is one of the main attractions at Lantau Island.  The main temple houses three bronze statues of the Buddha – representing his past, present and future lives – as well as many Buddhist scriptures.

Since it feels like these Russian guys were with us during the entire Ngong Ping trip, I figured I’d put a photo of them here as well. Please let them not see this post.

Big Buddha

You’d think that after going up almost 300 steps, we’d catch a break. Nope. Only our buddy Buddha’s feet can be seen from up here as well. Way too foggy of a day to visit.

Did I regret visiting Lantau Island while it was that foggy? No, not really. It was our first time to really visit a place where the fog hits the street so it was a unique experience – and I’m all about the unique experience! Hopefully next time I visit, it won’t be this foggy. This concluded my daily recounting of my Hong Kong trip. All that’s left is the review of the guesthouse we stayed in and the itinerary and budget for the 4D3N trip!

Will I come back to Hong Kong? Yep!