Lost in Hong Kong: Day 1 – The Peak, Madame Tussauds, Sky Terrace 428

Finally gotten around to blogging my Hong Kong trip. I decided to divide it into seven installments. First one is my Hong Kong: Culture Shock post that went up last week and this is the second one, obviously. I called it my ‘Lost in Hong Kong’ series because we literally got lost and went off in circles a lot of times. The future posts will include the 3 other days we spent in HK, review of the guest house we stayed in, our entire itinerary, and how you can do it all under PHP20K – inclusive of plane tickets and travel tax (wink wink nudge nudge).

PS. You’ll be hearing the names Yuna, Irish, and Sydney a lot in my future posts as they are the ones with me in this trip. 🙂

The Delayed Flight

Waiting game at NAIA Terminal 3. AirAsia’s kind enough to give us snacks as we wait.

For the first time in forever, I was the last one to arrive at the airport within our group; I’m not the type to be late but in my defense, they were so excited they’re already there before 6. Our flight’s at 9:55 AM and we were planning to meet up at 6:30 AM. BUT! I haven’t even arrived before Yuna texted me that our flight is delayed for two hours! Talk about messing up our Day 1 itinerary – which were planned to a T. After paying the airport fee (PHP1620) and checking in, we pretty much just ate and chatted while passing time.


If it weren’t for the signs (in English!), we would have lost our way. Honest.

First off, Hong Kong International Airport is huge. We had to ride a train to get to the immigration area – which was pretty cool. We passed through immigration without a hitch and in very efficient time. We changed some PH money to HKD just so we can buy the Octopus card and a sim card. Exchange rate’s pretty low here so I recommend to just change to how much you needed.

Octopus card is worth HKD150 (HKD100 is the balance and HKD50 is refunded when you return the card) and it is used pretty much everywhere in Hong Kong. You can use it on the MTR, buses, and even some stores. You can also reload it in every 7-Eleven station. It’s a must.

We bought a sim at the airport for HKD80. Using around HKD40 dollars of its credits, you’ll get 1.5G of internet for five days and you can use the other balance to make calls or texts. We basically took advantage of this and was hotspot-ing our whole stay. This helped us keep in touch with our loved ones back in Manila and post updates on social media. If you follow me on Twitter, you can see that I was tweeting every hour or so. Hahaha!

Cosmic Guest House

The Peak TramAfter getting the initial shock of the cold weather in Hong Kong (16 degrees, y’all), we rode the A21 bus to get to our hostel, Cosmic Guest House. It took around an hour. Once we arrived, we paid our balance, checked in, and bought discounted 3-in-1 The Peak package tickets (HKD260; original was HKD273) from the reception of the hostel. We also scored a pretty good deal in a money exchange stall on the Mirador Mansion (where the hostel is located). I will be writing a more detailed blog post for my review of the hostel soon.

We were supposed to ride the Star Ferry after we finished checking in but since our flight was delayed, we headed straight to the Peak tram. During our walk towards the Peak tram, we were looking for any restaurant or fast food since we were hungry as heck. This was around 7 PM now and we haven’t had lunch yet. :((

We didn’t find any but we did find the line for the Peak tram. Hungry and squished, we waited in a crowded line for about an hour before we got our turn to ride it. Lucky we got seats! We forgot our hunger when the tram moves up. Best to be seated on the right side of the tram while going up. In this position, you can clearly see Hong Kong’s skyline getting smaller as you get higher. We were awed with the view.

Also, we found a restaurant just after we got off the tram! I ordered some porkchop rice meal that costs HKD65. Expensive, but I was hungry. I didn’t finished half of it ‘cause like I said, their servings are huge!

Peak tram is open from 7AM-10PM (10AM on weekdays). Tram arrives every 10 minutes or so.

Madame Tussauds

When Johnny Depp was too cool for us.

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong is part of the renowned chain of wax museums founded by Marie Tussaud of France and houses nearly 100 wax figures of internationally known personalities. It was impressive to see the wax figures in person and especially if you looked into the details. Some of them looks like the real deal! It’s also located just inside The Peak and you’ll see it before heading to Sky Terrace 428 so we decided to go here first.

I don’t need we need to visit a wax museum to have this kind of shots. LOL.

Seriously, Shakepeare? A love story with almost everyone dying in a span of three days? Seriously?

“Doesn’t have a point of view / Knows not where he’s going to / Isn’t he a bit like you and me?”

Pop icons Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga.

We took a lot of wacky shots that’ll do most of the talking. Most notable wax figure of the night (for us) was of Robert Pattinson. On which we spent more than 10 minutes looking at him and posing (hugging, among other things…) with him. Seriously, looking at him made us blush. I can’t imagine what will happen if we ever see him in person. (Probably get a restraining order – HAHAHA.)

Taking selfies with the main baes. These are the most ‘decent’ poses we took. HAHAHA!

Madame Tussauds is open from 10AM – 10 PM daily.

Sky Terrace 428

Hong Kong, you look so amazing from up here. I can just imagine how you’d look during the day.

An hour before closing, we made our way to Sky Terrace 428. It is the highest 360° viewing platform in Hong Kong. Honestly, the cold didn’t even bother me when I was up here. I felt like I was on top of the world! You can see all of Hong Kong from up here and it didn’t even matter that it was almost midnight, the skylines were all lit up and enchanting.

Shortly after taking in the view with our eyes, we started taking pictures. It was hard at first since there’s no light and we were only using iPhones so we came up with this ‘brilliant’ idea to use one iPhone as our ‘main light’ so we can see our face and the other as the ‘main camera’. It worked, though. And a lot of Hong Kongers ended up copying our trick. You’re welcome, guys! 😉

Sky Terrace 428 is open from 8AM – 11PM (10 AM for weekdays).

That’s basically it for Day 1! Aside from a creepy experience we had in a 7-Eleven shop before heading back to the hostel, everything went fine for the rest of the night. We got home around 1AM-ish and tried to get as much rest as we can before we start off Day 2.

Would you like to visit The Peak?