Famous Online Slot Machines

As is the case with every major industry, those responsible for the design and development of online slot machines for the various online casinos, they aim to constantly offer new and attractive designs of such games of chance.

This makes these industries strive to create better models of slots, so that they emerge with great enthusiasm at the current market reality. However, in recent times, the human mind and sporadically, being a victim of creative impotence, the result of a unique crisis, for which those responsible for designing the slots, try to link the product with celebrities, to deal the creative well. This is the reason that there are many famous free online slot machines. In the following lines to discover some of them.

Betty Boop Slots – This classic animated achievement getting to be represented by several types of slots, thanks to the attributes presented curvaceous and reached great popularity during the 30’s. This character caused a revolution for its provocative appearance in society of that time.

Slots Pamela Anderson – This gorgeous woman managed to be the figure of a slot machine. It is clear that the Baywatch girl will have before the feet of his followers slot betting endless day and night.

Slots Saturday Night Fever – The name of this slot comes from the U.S. hit TV show dedicated to humor, which bears the same name.

Slots Clint Eastwood – Undoubtedly one of the best directors, actors and producers of contemporary cinema, one of the stars in the far west of the classic movies, now not only possible to see on the big screen, but you can also find their contained in a slot machine.

Pele Slots – One of the greatest footballers the world could not get out of this selection, so the figure also enhances the design of the slots.

Slots Star Wars – The saga created by George Lucas now can be found in casinos, encompassing the design of some slots.

As it is, the constant growth of casinos is often sponsored by the images of celebrities, as well as various TV shows or blockbusters. As a last example we mention the slot that contains the image is from the movie “Spiderman.”