Family, School and Esports

I have a wonderful electronic invention I want you to see. It looks something like this… My mom hated the idea of me being like 15 years old and going to tournaments, she thought I was gonna get killed or run over by a car or something or kidnapped or something. Well she’s Argentinian, she’s hot blooded. But you know I just told her listen if I can keep my grades up, can I go to this event?

She’s like sure you can do that. So it started with locals in Orlando and then eventually I convinced her to let me drive with a friend to Tampa. Over time they get more used to it and right now it’s like fully, supports it. Yeah for me when I first told my mom, I was like, I gave her a call was like hey mom I think I’m gonna be in the NBA playing video games or play slots online canada, then she was just like what? Like this is the craziest thing you ever told me.

It’s nutty. And then I think it took until like she saw us like the draft place on Twitch. She like saw me go up there and she’s like wait a second this is not a scam. Okay, this is real. I feel like I had to find a good balance between school and gaming.

Yeah. And working. I went to community college for two years, Santa Fe College, I had to work hard there because in high school I didn’t have the best test scores so I think that process of getting into UF maybe that I think taught me hard work. Oh yeah.

And maybe it shaped my gaming career as far as like grinding. I think that discipline that I gained through college carried over into my gaming because I was kind of lackadaisical before I was a pro. I just remembered that it was like a constant battle between how much I’m gonna put into studying and how much I’m going to put into competing at tournaments. Like yours might’ve been online but all my tournaments that I get to in college I had to fly out.

You had to miss class for two or three days at a time, you have to miss exams, you have to make stuff up. At the end of the day I always felt that Smash and gaming had a finality about it, something that I couldn’t do long term. So I always put like my studies first. Now I feel like people look at it sometimes as you know a sort of novel category as far as entertainment and they’re not really well educated about it. Right. But I feel like the people who aren’t well educated about and then they actually watch something they get hooked to it.

And a lot of the thing, I think is the production, they make it seem like you would a traditional sport. Like basketball, you have commentators, analysts, replays, live footage, live stream. Just they make it a production experience. Think about you go to a bar today, right? What do you see?

Bunch of 30 to 50 year olds, all on a bar drinking, cheering, hooting, like watching hockey, basketball, football. Wanna know why? Because that’s what they grew up playing and watching.

When they were 15 years old, they were teenagers, they idolized the best people at what they love to play which was sports. And now there is an entire new generation of people from the ages of 12 or 11 to 25 years old all growing up playing video games and what they love watching? The people who are the best at what they love to do and watch.