About Us

~ Enhancing our most cherished parks and open spaces through tax deductible donations. ~

Our Mission

… to provide private individuals and groups the opportunity to advocate for and enhance through private means the high quality parks, facilities and recreation services provided by the Skagit County Parks and Recreation Department.

This support may take many forms including the donation of funds, materials, services, estates, etc.

Skagit County Parks are an investment in the physical, mental and spiritual connection for all citizens with the natural beauty that surrounds them. The Skagit Parks Foundation is a private, non-profit organization committed to providing resources and partnerships that create and sustain beautiful and active parks. Your memberships and donations will benefit all citizens and aid Skagit County in providing a broad range of public places for the enjoyment of nature and numerous recreational activities. These donations will be used in a responsible manner that respects our natural resources and sustains the ecosystem for future generations.